Sorting Possession’s And Preparing For A Yard Sale!

Written by nick

December 15, 2021

Even if you have not been through it in many years, you can vividly remember the difficulties around moving. With that said, moving can be particularly tough for homeowners. Fortunately, there are several actions you can take to make this process less difficult. One smart early step is to host a yard sale before you begin packing. By doing so, you can make money while also clearing out items you would rather not take with you on your move. Going through this process also gives you a chance to sort out what is worth selling and what should be thrown away, which will reduce what you must pack and travel with even more!

A Yard Sale Will Make Moving Easier

If you are preparing to move, hosting a yard sale will help you empty out your home before you begin packing. It also helps you assess just how many possessions you own and will have to both box and move. As you sort out what items should be sold (and what should be put in the trash), you can also clean the rooms of your house and prepare them to be photographed. Having photographs of tidy, still-furnished rooms can make an online listing more attractive to potential buyers.

Deciding What Items Are Worth Selling

Buyers at a yard sale know they are not receiving pristine items, but you should still put some thought into what is worth selling and what is not. Before the date of your sale, you should go through everything you do not intend to take with you in your move. To assess if these items might be worth selling, check their condition. Superficial wear and tear or fixable damages can be salvageable, but items that are clearly broken should obviously be tossed out. Take a close look at the condition of any clothes you plan to sell, as one item in poor condition can scare buyers off of everything you hope to rid yourself of. You may find that you have many items of unclear value. If so, think about setting things aside in a “Free” section that people can browse and take from without charge.

A Yard Sale Is One Of Many Projects Worth Pursuing Before You Move

While a yard sale is something to consider early in your move, it is not the only thing you can do to make selling easier. The following can also be beneficial:

  • Look into the costs of renovations and repairs that will make your home more attractive to buyers
  • Clean rooms and prepare them for photographs you can use in online listings
  • Review the real estate market in your area to see what people are willing to pay for a home like yours
  • Contact a real estate agent who can help you transition from your current space to a new home

Precious Properties Is Ready To Help You With Home Buying And Selling

At Precious Properties, we can make your move easier! We work with homeowners ready to sell, as well as families who are ready to buy or rent in Staten Island and surrounding areas. To find out what we can do for you, call Precious Properties at 718-980-7222!

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