If you want to sell your home faster or enjoy it while you are living in it, then it helps to have some modern upgrades to make life more interesting. As the Internet starts to creep its way into everything from toasters to toothbrushes, now is one of those points in history where upgrading a house is both cheap and fun. Here are some ideas to get you started as you turn your house into a modern castle.

A High-Tech Bed

If you have a traditional metal frame and four-post bed set up, then it is time for an upgrade. The Hi-Can Bed offers an enclosed sleeping area with a viewing monitor installed in the wall, full stereo sound, and shades that close off the sleeping area for complete privacy. If you cannot afford this particular bed, then consider using some of the high-tech products available to create your own self-confined sleeping area that looks like it came right out of a science fiction movie.

Smart Mirrors

You get up in the morning, take a shower, and then stand in front of the mirror to get yourself ready for the day. It isn’t long before you start wondering what the weather is like, what your schedule is for the day, and how you will get started reading your emails. There are now smart mirrors available that can help you to get your hair ready for the day, and connect to the Internet to get the information you need to get your day started.

Smart Refrigerators

Why would your refrigerator need technology beyond the ability to cool and freeze your food? These days, you can install a refrigerator that reminds you to restock commonly used items, schedules its own cleaning and then cleans itself, has screens to show you recipies, and can also recommend better ways to store your food.

Transparent Televisions

Television technology is probably one of the fastest developing areas of home high-tech available today. We have gone from big console televisions, to flat screens that can fit on the wall. The next step that is now available is televisions that are just clear screens and a base. This television does not block out any of the wall decor in your room, and it allows you to enjoy television in a way you probably never thought possible.

Comprehensive Light Switches

You know technology is advancing when something as simple as the light switch gets a revolutionary makeover. There are light switches available that have touchpad screens that show you the layout of your home and every light in every room. Using this system, you can turn lights on and off from one spot and never have to worry about being in the dark again.

Technology can create some pretty cool gadgets, but most homeowners will only invest in technology that has a practical purpose. There are plenty of home upgrades you can install into your home that will make your life easier and add value to your home. Imagine how much more you could get for your home when you sell it complete with a refrigerator that gives you shopping reminders. Give technology a try, and you will start to see why so many homeowners are upgrading their homes and embracing new, high-tech gadgets.